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I made an 'attempt' to venture outside of Tromsø yesterday, but it didn't quite pan out as well as I had hoped. The island of Kvaløya sits to the north and west of Tromsø and contains the usual Norwegian elements of mountain peaks, fjords and sandy beaches in between. There are a number of hikes to do across the island but most of those are more easily accessed if you have a car on hand. I opted for the cheaper option of a 24h bus pass, which came with the one caveat of being at the mercy of the hugely indecipherable Tromsø bus network. I suppose it makes sense to locals, but too often I went to find a way to get to a certain place on the island, only to see that there either wouldn't be enough time to catch a return bus, or that the buses mysteriously stopped running to the end of the line halfway through the day. 

I ended up trekking out to what I thought would be something achievable, but ended up walking along the road for an hour or so instead. Hiking trails in Norway never seem to be very well marked/signposted at the best of times, and in this instance I completely failed to find the start of the one I was looking for. Nevertheless, it was another glorious day - neither too hot or cold, clear skies, and a faint breeze in the air. The walk was nice and I spotted a few reindeer casually grazing along the roadside coming back. I also got passed by a number of buses all on the routes I wanted to take, because apparently I really can't make sense of Norwegian bus timetables, or the timetables are used by the drivers merely as a rough guide.

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