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We've been blessed with a few days of blue skies and brilliant sunshine here in Tromsø (and I think the forecast is for more of the same). It's really the first place I've visited outside Oslo that I can confidently describe as a city.

I finally arrived on Friday after the flight mix up, and the past few days have been slow and fairly lazy. Despite feeling wide awake from the eternal daylight, I also don't feel like there's any rush to do much either. The days and nights blend seamlessly into one and you always think of the possibility of starting something tomorrow, rather than right now. I'm sure things will change once I land in Sørøya. With any luck the perma-light will just result in a longer and more sustained work schedule, but for now I'm just happy to let myself go and enjoy being in civilisation for a few more days.

Most of Tromsø sits neatly on the island of Tromsøya sandwiched in a strait between the mainland and the larger island Kvaløya on the farther side. The best views are from the viewing platform on nearby Storsteinen which is accessible by a cable car. Silly stubborn me decided not to fork out 170 krone for the 4 minute ride and instead tackle the near vertical climb directly underneath said cable car. The path was clearer and more straightforward compared to any other hike that I've attempted so far, but it was probably the most gut-busting due to every step just going UP. I arrived at the peak (421m above sea level) completely and utterly drenched in sweat and my knees/thighs/calves on fire  - probably not a good look when there was a wedding going on in the restaurant right next door to the cable car. 

I stayed long enough to get some shots of the sun resting on the mountains at midnight alongside the hordes of other tourists, then clambered painfully down to earth again. 

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