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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

A Hiccup

As much as I'd like to say that I have everything under control, planned and paid for, that really isn't the case! Hiccups and problems are bound to crop up, which makes for great anecdotes later on down the track.

I'm writing from the small fishing town of Melbu north of Svolvær where the original plan was to crash here for a night before flying north to Tromsø today. It was only when I repeatedly failed to check into my flight that I realised I had borked the dates, and that instead of flying out today (Thursday 20/7) I'm actually flying tomorrow! (Thank god it was a day late rather than a day early)

I doubt that my hostel in Tromsø accepts cancellations this close to the date, but my Airbnb host here was kind enough to let me stay on for one more night. I could have changed the flight itself, but the airline tried to charge me about $300 to push the date forward. Not gonna happen.

So here I am stranded in quiet sleepy Melbu, which unfortunately seems to be an exceedingly dull place. The only thing coming up on Tripadvisor is a fishing museum, which doesn't exactly sit high on my bucket list. I'll just sit tight, do some drawing and wait until tomorrow for a fresh attempt at heading north.  

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