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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Cheat Day

In an alternate reality I could have gone on and kept hiking every day until my feet detached from my body. However I do enjoy my feet where they currently are and it felt more appropriate to pace myself for the rest of this preposterous trip that I've cobbled together. 

I opted for the main tourist route today and signed up for a leisurely boat trip from Svolvær to nearby Trollfjord. It felt like such a luxury to just take in the views while remaining seated for a change. The trip lasted about 3 hours, with classic Norwegian views of high mountains, deep fjords and tiny log cabins throughout. Trollfjord is quite steep and narrow, and we spotted some sea eagles lazily circling up above as we stopped briefly to enjoy the surroundings over a cup of fish soup. My camera wasn't really up for getting a shot of the eagles, unlike some of the other passengers on board who very much came prepared with their enormous cannon-sized telephoto lens'. I just can't imagine having to drag that much equipment with me across Europe, no matter how good the photos turn out.

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