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Unpronounceable Mountains to Climb

The adventures in Austvågøy continue! After packing up from the hostel laden with breakfast foods, I moved over to a charming caravan parked in the yard of one of the oldest houses in Kabelvåg. Lone is a giggly and bubbly woman with a beast of a great dane and her caravan is delightful (rent it here). I have my own desk, bed, fridge and kitchen in here, and I can go use the basement bathroom inside the house whenever I need so wheels aside it's just like any other homestay. 11/10 would recommend.

The sun finally made more than a fleeting cameo yesterday and despite parts of my body wanting to stay put, I took up another recommendation to hike up nearby Festvågtind. The mountain sits about 15km from Kabelvåg at the bottom tip of Austvågøy overlooking the town of Henningsvær. I hitched my way there and walked the remaining 5km from the main road to the mountain in the sunshine. 

The hike up wasn't overly long but consistently steep, and at times the path would diverge over boulders and fields of rocks that needed to be jumped/leapt/negotiated over. It's always encouraging and slightly mortifying seeing Norwegian families with small children and/or dogs doing the same hike without the slightest look of hesitation on their faces. 

I also made life hard for myself by not dressing appropriately. The weather here is such a fickle mistress, and I usually err on the side of over, rather than under-dressing. Too bad yesterday was flat out sunny and extremely hot with all the strenuous physical activity that I was forcing upon myself. Hot tip from me: anything but jeans.

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