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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Scenic Return

Inverness was really just a pit stop between Dornoch and Edinburgh so I didn't have to do a massive drive in one day. There's not much to say about Inverness either. It was small, quiet and a bit decrepit - if the people and infrastructure are anything to go by. Perhaps my mind could be changed if someone had shown me around, but by that stage we were short on time and patience.

The next day we opted for a more scenic route back to Edinburgh via Glen Coe. It's a deep mountainous valley which postcard peaks and spectacular hiking trails throughout. I had seen photos from Ellis' Instagram account and knew that it would probably blow my mind. Unfortunately the weather gods were not on our side and things stayed at a consistent deluge throughout the day. 

We saw plenty of hikers trudging through the mud, but after some of the wetter experiences of the last week we weren't exactly feeling up for another swim through the mud. The sky briefly cleared as we drove through the narrowest and probably most stunning view points so I stopped the car as often as I could to take some requisite roadside snaps. The valley opened up after that to a wide bleak landscape - perfect for hiking (minus midges and rain).

At the coffee stop later I squealed and screeched over some more highland cow sightings. I let my camera get pretty wet as I snapped away at those stupid adorable creatures chewing on their lunch.


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