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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.


I'm currently sitting in a very clean studio space, waiting for my ride to the airport. Everything's packed up and I'll be flying off to Aberdeen in about two hours. Tomorrow morning I'll take a couple of flights and arrive in Helsinki for the last and longest chunk of this whole long-winded odyssey.

Thinking back, it feels odd that two months have passed here. So much and so little has happened. I tend to go for a more glass half empty approach when looking back on what I've done, and I'll always feel that I could have done more. Shetland was different to Iceland in that each day wasn't filled with a grand sense of wonder or a steady stream of pinch-yourself moments. That's just the way it is - before Iceland I was already SO keen to visit whereas Shetland didn't come with such a preconceived notion of thrilling expectation. 

Still, I loved being out here on my own, and I don't regret a thing. There are ideas and tangents to continue when I get to Korpo and when I eventually land back in Melbourne, which is a good thing. There was finally some lasting snow that came in overnight, and from what I can see Aberdeen also got a good dusting. All good omens heading into part 3 of 3.

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