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More Rocks More Waves More Grey

Another day, another coastline to explore! (Are you sensing a theme here?) On Tuesday I veered west to Northmavine, a chunk of Mainland that’s connected only by a tiny ithmus. I pulled up at Esha Ness - another spectacular peninsula with a lighthouse and a fragmented coastline to explore. Silly me missed my alarm, so I lost time by not setting out before sunrise, which in turn made my excursion a little more hurried. Regardless of that, the rocks and waves were breathtaking, in particular the sea stack Dore Holm with its gaping archway. 

Heading back down to the car rental I stopped for lunch at Britain’s most northerly fish and chip shop in Brae. I realised it was the first meal outside of a lighthouse in what felt like years. The chips were a bit stodgy but the doorstopper sized piece of haddock was crispy, juicy and delicious. I’m not one to photograph my food so just imagine cold windswept Brian stuffing his face with delicious fried food. 

All in all it was a short but sweet road trip. I wish I could say that I had spent more time exploring Shetland in the last two months, but this was better than nothing. The climate and weather definitely felt like more of a hindrance compared to other places I've travelled to. I should at least be glad that I don’t need to deal with the alternative of a hyped up locale that’s crawling with other tourists waving selfie sticks and telescopic lens'. 

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