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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Back To The Big Smoke

The last few days have been a blur. Losing Charlie came so suddenly and took everyone by surprise. My mind was definitely elsewhere as I packed up my things from that beautiful house by the beach and hugged everyone goodbye. Looking back it was truly a special and unique experience, and worth the expense and pain involved in getting there - even if my output for the time being doesn't quite reflect it.

I'm now in Edinburgh, and despite less than two hours flying here it just feels like such an outrageous contrast to the slow, pastoral life that I enjoyed for three weeks. I forgot what it was like to be stuck in a crowd, and how much I hated it. I'm here to catch some of the Fringe Festival, and I had prepared myself for something of an onslaught. Still it feels like a shock to be bombarded with so many posters, queues, venues and people shoving flyers in your face at every given opportunity.

I might've missed certain things about city living (other things I know i can't live without), but nothing really compares to the ease and simplicity of a place like Nes or La Wayaka. 

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