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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Side Trip Quickie

Edinburgh's been heaps of fun. Of course it was a bit of a smack to the face after the peaceful simplicity of Norway and La Wayaka but I'm glad I can now tick the Fringe off my to do list.

Nine shows in four days might be nothing for some die hard fringers, but I think it was a fair effort from someone that usually wouldn't bother unless pushed and shoved by a certain sibling... On the first night I saw a free standup show and a dreadful absurdist one man show that left me super uncomfortable and wanting to run out ASAP. I planned out the following few days better and saw Courtney Act, a Game of Thrones parody musical, Korean drumming, two circus/acrobatic shows, improv murder mystery and (on Mish's recommendation) the absolute highlight that was Reuben Kaye. 

Reuben is a cabaret act from Melbourne, and for 90 minutes he had the entire audience in fits of laughter and tears. The songs were great, the humour was brutal and the jokes kept flying out before you could catch your breath. Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in SPADES. 11/10 would recommend.

Onto my next leg of the trip now, and I'm writing this entry from Dublin. I had a few days to kill before Jake arrives on my birthday for a road trip into the highlands so I quickly threw together a side trip to the Emerald Isle on a whim.

Leaving Edinburgh this afternoon, I took a shoddy Ryanair flight to Dublin where I'll be staying for 2 nights. After that I'll head to Galway for another night, followed by 2 more in Belfast (couldn't think of a more ideal place to see the season finale of Thrones!). Should be a nice exciting few days. 

And on a side note, today was the last day to enrol for the mind-numbingly stupid SSM plebiscite. There's not much else to say really, but I thought I needed to throw in my 2 cents on the whole mess as it feels important to me. I'm lucky to be born in this century and not the last, and for the longest time I was fortunate to be in a position of enough privilege to be able to turn a blind eye to the hatred/bigotry faced by homosexuals in other parts of the world. It was easy to imagine that my sexuality didn't matter a whole lot, as I personally see it as just one minute facet of myself as a whole. However with this plebisicite rearing its ugly head, it makes everything painfully clear that for being who I am, I am denied a basic human right. Playing the religion card is cheap and cowardly, and at the end of the day it's only just a technicality in wording that will really change. I hope this all comes to a good and happy outcome soon. (PS. I took the idea from certain recent letters of resignation and threw in a tiny message in the text above. Look at the paragraphs. Honestly for fun more than anything). 

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