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Old Man, Old Friends

I was finally reunited with dear Ellis today, and it was like nothing had changed. She's still the same wide-eyed, joyous and enthusiastic creature that I hung out with all the way back in that odd little town of Skagaströnd. 

We caught up on the last year and a half, and only scraped the surface I guess. I'm heading back to her off-grid cabin in North Uist tomorrow evening so the catching up can continue then. Today we hit up a few Skye icons. First stop was the Old Man of Storr, which I think of as one of the most iconic views in Scotland. The walk up was steep and windy, but never too taxing, and from the top it looked like we had climbed a mountain. The Storr refers to the vast rocky hill behind (first photo) and the Old Man specifically is the singular lump that stands out in front of the rest. There were plenty of tourists milling about but as we got further up the tourists thinned out as well. You can see tiny specks of people in some of the photos which really capture how massive these formations are. Breathtaking stuff.

Following that we drove over to nearby Kilt Rock and Mealt Falls. Kilt Rock is a sea cliff that supposedly looks like a kilt in colour and shape (I don't see it but ok) and the adjacent waterfall flows straight into the ocean from a nearby loch. It was beautiful, but I couldn't get a decent shot from the token lookout point. 

Ellis left for the Cowshed after an early dinner and I'm off on more adventures tomorrow! 

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