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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Midnight Sun

I can’t quite figure out if my jetlag has finally subsided, or if because of this perpetual light my body has just given up trying to decide on an appropriate circadian rhythm. It’s a when-in-Rome situation, and I’ve just been sleeping when I need to and going hiking when I feel awake and willing. 

I was fortunate enough to run into a guy from Mount Waverley (we had mutuals on FB) staying in my dorm, who had mercifully procured a rental! Never mind how much Harith paid for the Jeep, but he kindly offered me a lift to Fredvang the next day as well as an impromptu drive out to chase the midnight sun. 

The sun does dip closer to the horizon at about 11.30-2am, but only for show before it rises up once more. Words and photos don't do any justice to what we saw.

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