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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.


The last few nights in Aberdeen have been quiet. It's a very grey city, both in terms of colour and mood. I'm about to head over to the bus that will take me to Inverness and then over to Skye where I'll stay for a week or so. As mentioned earlier I'm just ready to start the damn residency already and I think I'm just tired of living such a transient existence. Of course I have no objections to travelling, but I've been on the move for so long and living out of a backpack that I think I'm just nearing the end of my tether.

I know how ridiculous this is, and it really is the epitome of a first world problem that I feel ashamed to even put it into words, but I am just feeling tired. It didn't help that the mattress at the hostel wasn't so much a mattress as it was a loose bag of springs. I've slept so so badly for two nights and I'm definitely one of those people that can only function properly with a decent amount of quality bedrest. Anyway, enough complaining. Onwards and upwards. 

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