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Isolation and lack of resources aside, Fredvang is the closest settlement to Kvalvika beach - a popular secluded beach on the upper side of Moskenesøya. Kvalvika can only be accessed by hiking through a low mountain pass and downhill to the shoreline.

It was only a little more than 2km each way, but the steep ascent scrabbling up the rocks followed by an even steeper descent took a bit out of me. When you set out for a designated hike in Norway, the pathway is typically unmarked aside from the occasional cairn and the worn footsteps of other hikers, so it's easy to get lost if your mind goes a-wandering. 

The beach itself and the views at the top of the pass were worth the struggle though. I wish I could have brought a tent with me as it would've made finding accommodation that much simpler, and I don't remember ever wanting to sleep on a beach more than when I got down to Kvalvika. 

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