Brian Cheung


Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

It Begins

Here we are again; me sitting on my lonesome in a country far far away from home. Last time it was Iceland, this time I’ve gone one better and strung together an absurd 8 months of artist residencies in Norway, Scotland and Finland (with plenty of time in between for assorted adventures and shenanigans. 

To say I have a fondness for the North is an understatement. Something about mountains, snow and cold windswept coastlines just gets me so excited, and I knew that I’d be back soon enough after the success of Iceland. 

We’ll see how far along I can take this blog. I do have a moleskine tucked away in my pack but it is a bit easier to type things out rather than committing ink to paper.

Brian Cheung