Brian Cheung


Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

I See Sea

Here’s some of what I’ve painted so far. I had decided before getting here that I would jump back into painting seascapes, seeing as I’ll be surrounded by water for five more months. It does feel a bit like jumping back on a bike again after a long absence. There’s a bit of rust but I’m slowly getting back into the rhythm of pumping out views of the sea.

I ordered another beautiful sketchbook from Choosing Keeping, a really lovely stationary store in east London that I stumbled upon the last time I was in town (right before Iceland). An impulse purchase of a small grey sketchbook grew into my Sixty Views of the Sea series, and now here I am doing a sequel of sorts to that. This time I’ve opted for a larger book (23cm x 26cm, up from 15cm x 15cm) in cream instead of grey. Hopefully things can pan out well for this lot of paintings as much as the last series.