Brian Cheung


Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Home Life

It's a comfortable life here. As is usually the case, my day is dictated by food and coffee. Dinners are mostly cooked by Sofie and Victor, with a rotating roster for two of the artists to help out on the side. Breakfast and lunch are more self serve, but pretty abundant anyway (randomly prawns and crab claws today). Wendy is pescatarian so most of our meals have been meat-free, though I don't feel as if I'm lacking for anything. I was surprised to find out that I seem to be the most coffee-addicted out of everyone here. A fair few of the artists are staunch tea drinkers, and I received a few looks of dismay when I made myself a fresh pot at 10.30 last night. 

This morning I walked out to the town of Akkarfjord (where our ferry dropped us off) with a few other artists to scope out the place. Akkarfjord is barely a town. I would hazard a guess and say there's a population of about 50-60. However there is a supermarket and a hostel with a cafe out front if I ever completely empty the store cupboard here at the house. 

We met a beautiful ginger cat eager for cuddles who followed us around town, and the moss-strewn skull of what I assumed to be some giant prehistoric sea creature. There isn't a bottle shop here of course, but there is a small shelf at the supermarket with some beer and cider available for a price. Six cans of Corona will set you back 218NOK, or about AUD$35. At that price I just don't think I could ever justify the enjoyment of drinking said beers.