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DNT Huts

My main reason for stopping off in Ramberg, other than a beach stroll, was to pick up a certain key. Hiking is understandably a national pastime in Norway and the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) operates about 500 mountain cabins sprinkled up and down the country. These are usually located up in the hills along some scenic hike, and as long as you’re a DNT member then you can make use of these huts for a night or two. 

There is supposedly a universal key that opens up the majority of huts, but thanks to Lofoten being miss popular, they've had to issue specific keys for the few cabins located on the archipelago. These keys are picked up at tourist offices close to the start of each corresponding hike/cabin and can only be taken the day of your planned stay. 

Aside from the DNT membership fee, it worked out to be comparatively affordable to stay a few nights in the cabins, but only if I could get to all the cabins (so that dastardly membership fee would be spread out enough). 

Knowing my luck the Selfjord cabin was full up when I arrived for the key. With no place else to sleep that night I tried to find a rental car or somewhere else to stay nearby. The lovely lady at the tourist office tried her best to find me something, with the last rental available being a manual back in Leknes. I passed on that, but managed to find a spot in a hostel in nearby Fredvang (anything’s possible if you have cash to throw around).

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