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Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.



It's been a strange week or so. The work has progressed, and I've continued painting the sea and the sky, as well as brief forays into sea monsters and self-portraits. Hopefully some of these things can coalesce together in the coming months. 

I wish I could be working a bit quicker, but the pace has definitely slowed down since arriving as I mull over other things. I received news that my great aunt passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday, and it's been a struggle to process that while being here. A lot of my fears and insecurities about travelling here bubbled up to the surface and forced me to question my work and practice from a greater distance. 

I will be flying back home briefly on Thursday to attend the funeral over the weekend, and though I'm dreading the commute, I think it will be good to close that chapter in order to move forward. It's hard not to compare the optimism and unexpected thrills of my time in Iceland, and the past few months here in Norway and Scotland, which although not entirely devastating, have nevertheless been different experiences entirely (for better or worse).

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