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Bird Watching

The wind stayed to a minimum on the second day so I strapped on my boots and went for a stroll down to the adjacent Ness of Burgi - the narrow peninsula adjacent to Sumburgh that sits right in front of the viewing platform/studio. It looks close enough, but the walk took about three hours there and back as it winded its way to the airport, detouring around the runway. After passing the miniscule village of Scatness, the grassy slopes narrow and turn into jagged poop-strewn rocks jutting out 45 degrees from the water. I made sure to take plenty of photos, most of which I'll use in my work rather than dumping here on the blog.

One thing I didn't expect was the sheer number of birds that live in and around Sumburgh. It's not just sea birds nesting on the cliff faces, but so many other species just hanging out wherever I looked. There are constantly birds gliding and soaring around the observatory and I just wish there was someone who could point out some of the species because I honestly have no clue.

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