Brian Cheung


Thoughts, photos and anecdotes from my travels through Norway, Scotland and Finland.


Time is of the essence, and I think I’ll be using Queenstown as a yardstick for how much I can get done in a month (unless one of these residencies end up producing more work). I’m aware that it’s about quality and not just quantity, but I’m feeling optimistic that I can get a lot out of this experience. 

The grocery shop to end all grocery shops went well. My suitcase was groaning under the weight of all the stuff I tried to cram in there but it should last me a few weeks at the very least. As long as I have 3 meals a day and a surplus of coffee then I’ll be fit to carry on working. 

I polished off a quick sketch of some waves this morning. I just wanted to hit the ground running and have something under my belt! The light is beautiful but the wind has also kept up a constant barrage, so I feel a bit housebound for the time being. If it stays like this I’ll have to just accept it and attempt a weekend out exploring the rest of Shetland anyway. Let's see what happens.