Brian Cheung

Sixty Views of the Sea


Gouache and watercolour on grey cotton rag
Series of 60
150mm x 150mm (each) 

One of the main objectives in Skagaströnd was simply to record the experience in a meaningful way. It was important not to take the opportunity for granted and lapse into complacency and laziness over time. This motive became a series of sixty small seascape paintings, each one painted on a different day/time but always from a similar vantage point outside the studio looking out to sea. The first one was painted on September 1; the final piece taken on December 31. 

The daylight hours shortened dramatically heading into winter towards solstice (December 21) so it was interesting to record the ever decreasing light, with each day bringing with it a dramatic change in colour, mood and temperature. 

Original pieces from the series are available for purchase here. A book featuring all 60 views is available here.